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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Stun Guns Laws and Restrictions, Pepper Spray Restrictions

Click Here for information on the Air TASER® ECD.

Will a stun gun go through clothes?

Yes. a stun gun will go through all clothes.

Does the voltage make any difference?

The shock is much stronger and the assailant is immobilized quicker when the voltage is higher.

How does a stun gun work?

A stun gun delivers high voltage but low amps, with providing a shock strong enough to immobilize an attacker but leaving no permanent damage.

Stun Gun Power?

Our stun guns use 9 volt alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

What is the difference between the different wireless frequencies?

2.4 GHz: 4 Channel transmitter. Approximately 2" x 2" x 1/2". No tuning required. We generally recommend 2.4 GHz over 434 MHz or 900 MHz, as the overall video quality is better. Range varies from 200' to 700' depending on environmental conditions. Operates on 12 Volts. These units are FCC approved.

434 MHz: Lower frequency amateur band. Operates on one channel which is picked up directly by a television. You do not need a receiver. With a TV: set to channel 59, cable mode but remove actual cable from the input, and use a UHF antenna (high gain increases the range) ears to receive the signal. With a hand held TV: can be received on UHF band just below channel 14. Range can vary from 300-400 up to 1,000 feet. THe range can vary depending on frequency interference and other environmental factors. Antenna is approximately 6 1/2 inches. Operates on 9 Volts.

900 MHz: Amateur band. 4 channels available in the 900 band. The signal goes to a dedicated receiver that is tuned from 902-930. Our standard transmitter is set at 916.5 MHz, but we also carry 3 other frequencies. Manual or automatic switching receiver. Range can vary from 200-700 feet or more depending on environmental conditions. Antenna is approximately 3 1/2 inches. Operates on 9 Volts.

What is CCD? - It is analog technology. The CCD camera has a little bit higher resolution than CMOS. The camera also functions better in low light. A CCD camera drains a little bit more power than the CMOS cameras. It uses 12v instead of 9v. CMOS camera is smaller than a CCD camera and works longer with the 9v battery.

What is a Quad? - A Quad splits your monitor into 4 sections allowing you to view 4 cameras at once.

Do you have a monitor that has built in Quad? - No, we do not have a monitor with built in Quad.

Will a Quad allow four cameras to record at the same time? - Yes you can record all four cameras at the same time. You also can record using a switching monitor, which will record the camera that is showing at that moment.

Do the receivers work through walls up to two feet thick? - Yes as long as there isn't excessive amount of metal in the wall.

Do the plug and play connections require extra wire to run the signal back to the VCR or TV? - Yes, you need to buy the length of cable you need we offer the CA-25, CA-50 and the CA-100.

Do I need cable on my TV to get channel 59 to work? - No, you just need the cable setting for your TV or VCR and then turn it to cable channel 59.

Do the display screens work on the cell phone or the beeper? - No, nothing but the camera works on the cell phone and the beeper.

Do any cameras come with audio? - The only camera we offer that comes with audio is the DC-111W-AA.

Do I need a VCR from you or can I use my own VCR? - You can use your own VCR for recording. However, the VCR will have to be recording all the time. If you are using the motion detector video system, you will need to buy a VCR from us

How do I hook up the Plug and Play connection camera? - This Is done by running the RCA (Aux) line into the VIDEO IN of the VCR or TV. The TV or VCR must be set on the correct channel to view the VIDEO IN picture.

How many cameras can I hook up to one TV? -
-Only one 434MHz camera.
-Three 900MHz cameras.
-Four 2.4GHz cameras. You will need a Quad or a Switching Monitor.

How much will the Yagi Antennas increase reception range? - The Yagi Mini Antenna will increase your reception by 100 ft. and the Yagi Antenna will increase your reception by 200 ft.

Do you need a VCR to record or will the cameras record? - You must have a VCR if you want to record.

Will a 900Mhz camera and receiver interfere with my 900Mhz cordless phone? - No The 900Mhz Cameras Are Set To A Different Band Width And Frequency.

How long will the camera last with a 9-volt battery? - The 434Mhz and the 900Mhz camera will last about ten hours. The 2.4Ghz will last about five hours.

What is LUX? - LUX is the measurement of low light needed for the camera to view and record properly.

What is the operating temperature of the cameras?
The operating temperatures of the B/W cameras are -23C to + 50C or -10F to +122F
The operation temperatures of the color cameras are -23 C to +40C or -10F to +104F
The storage temperature & humidity is -30C to +70C or -22F to +158F

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