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 Sunday, Jun 24, 2018 
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HOME PROTECTION  > VOICE ALERT HOME ALARM:  If you are concerned about intruders, unexpected visitors, theft, mail tampering, or even dangerous areas for your children around the house, look no further than the newly patented and wireless Voice Alert Home Protection System. It notifies you of any intruder with your own voice.

Would you like to be alerted when ...

  • Cars are coming up the driveway
  • Children go inside your tool shed
  • Intruders approach the front or backyard
  • Someone enters your garage
  • Visitors are walking to the front door
  • Your parked boat or motor home has been boarded
  • Kids or pets are trampling your flowers
If so, then the New Wireless Voice AlertTM Protection and Notification System is the answer you're looking for.

Designed to be flexible and easy to use, Voice AlertTM offers homeowners the unique ability to customize their notification system using their own voice! Simply record your own alerts and when movement is detected, your own message will warn you. Voice AlertTM can support unlimited sensors, so the amount of security can be as broad or as focused as your individual needs require.

The wireless Voice AlertTM system offers superior range--up to 1000 feet in open space and up to 300 feet through walls. Voice Alert is very easy to set up and can be expanded or changed within minutes. And unlike traditional, wired home protection systems, the Voice Alert can be packed up and taken with you in the event of a move.

Don't hesitate. Take the time and increase the safety and security of your home and property!

"Originally I had doubts about a 'wireless' product, but not anymore! My wife and I love the Voice Alert. It's so easy to setup and record our own messages. Sometimes we change them for fun, like last Halloween. Now we are notified when someone is coming up our walkway, enters our garage, or comes around the backyard. This is a great product!" -- Kent G., Portland, Oregon

You may add transmitters (VA-6000T) to cover as many areas as you want.

Your search returned 2 results.
Voice Alert System-6  
Our Price $149.95
Part #: VA-6000S
Click Here
Voice Alert System-6

Voice Alert infrared radio Transmitter  
Our Price $69.95
Part #: VA-6000T
Click Here
Voice Alert infrared radio Transmitter


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