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 Thursday, Jun 21, 2018 
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STUN GUNS Stun Guns Laws and Restrictions
Talon Stun Guns
Talon Stun Guns. Talon stun guns are unsurpassed for power and quality. The Talon uses the new, patent pending Phase Induction technology. The Talon disrupts the signal from the brain to the muscles, causing the assailant to drop...trying to remember how to move his arms and legs. Before you order a stun gun, please make sure they are legal where you live.
Master Stun Guns
Master Stun Guns. If price is your main concern, then the Stun Master stun guns are the stun guns for you. Low prices and high stopping power, the Stun Master offers the best of both worlds. One of the most popular stun guns in the world. Non-Lethal. Before you order a stun gun, please make sure they are legal where you live.
Stun Master Gun
Stun Master Gun. This 625,000 volt stun gun is the flagship of the Stun Master line of quality stun guns. Affectionately referred to as the "Stun Monster," this stun gun needs to be seen to be believed. It is 7 3/4 inches long, yet only 2 inches wide. We designed it so it fits even smaller hands. The prongs are 1/4 inch in diameter to withstand the immense power, yet it is totally non-lethal and will cause no permanent damage. Uses three 9-volt Energizer Alkaline batteries. Check out stun gun legality
Stun Batons
Stun Batons. Because of its power and extended reach, these stun batons are a favorite among security guards. Simply touch an assailant with the baton and pull the trigger: three to five seconds will leave the assailant dazed and temporarily paralyzed. The baton will also deliver a shock when touched six inched from the tip, to prevent an assailant from grabbing it and taking it away. Before you order a stun baton, please make sure they are legal where you live. You may check here first.
Z-Force Stun Guns
Z-Force Stun Guns. The Z-Force stun guns offer a unique, slim style. Makes it easier to grip and use for those with smaller hands. Available in 100,000 and 300,000 volts models. If you are concerned about the legality of stun guns in your area, you may check here first.
Stun Alarm Flashlight
Stun Alarm Flashlight. Never be without self-defense with these multi-purpose flashlights!
Cell Phone Stun Gun
Cell Phone Stun Gun. Unique design gives you a tactical advantage with this Cell Phone Stun Gun. Personal Alarm and 180,000 volt stun gun with case.
Accessories. Leather and Nylon Holsters and Batteries.

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